Zero Waste starter kit from Seastraws.
Best reusable smoothie cup and smoothie straws Seastraws
Infuser bottle from Seastraws.
Glass straw case bamboo from Seastraws.
tea infuser water bottle seastraws
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Best reusable bubble tea cup and smoothie cup.
Best reusable bubble tea cup and smoothie cup.
Best reusable bubble tea cup and smoothie cup.


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You asked for it and we listened! We're thrilled to be introducing our new Zero Waste Starter Kit to help kickstart your eco-friendly journey. 

Zero Waste Starter Kit includes our best selling glass reusables at a reduced price, simple as that!  

SEABOTTLE is our stylish and versatile Tea/Fruit Infuser Water Bottle that can handle both hot and cold drinks. The infuser part is easy to remove if you wish to do so. The double-wall glass makes it strong and the black sleeve gives it extra protection plus a better handgrip.  

ECOJARZ SMOOTHIE CUP makes it easy to bring your smoothie/juices everywhere you go. The lid is completely leak-proof so you don't need to worry about any leakages. You can choose between three different plug colurs; BLUE, GREEN, or BROWN. 

SINGLE STRAW SET - BAMBOO TRAVEL CASE includes our CLEAR Everyday Glass Straw or CLEAR Smoothie Glass Straw, whichever you prefer (scroll down to find out what suit you the best). The glass straw also comes with a cleaning brush and our bamboo travel case, keeping your glass straw safe at all times.

"What straw size should I choose?" 

Our Everyday straws are the same size as a standard plastic straw while our smoothie straws are slightly wider and taller. Choose whichever suit your sipping needs the best.

 Note: To remove the bamboo lid TWIST and PULL. The lid will get easier to remove the more you use it. 

Package Includes

1 x EcoJarz Smoothie/Bubble Tea Cup (leak-proof take away glass cup. Blue, Green, or Brown Silicone plug.)

1 x SeaBottle (reusable infuser water bottle)

1 x Single Straw Set - Bamboo Travel Case (CLEAR Everyday OR Smoothie Size)

Product Details

Smoothie Cup Size: Approx 600ml.

SeaBottle Size: 500ml (Fits perfectly in the car cup holder)

Glass Straw Size: Everyday 20cm. Smoothie 23cm and wider.

EcoJarz Smoothie Cup Material: Glass jar, 304 grade stainless steel lid & high quality FDA-grade silicone plug.

SeaBottle + Straw Material: Borosilicate Glass

SeaBottle Lid Material: Bamboo with silicone and recycling friendly plastic to make it leak-proof.  

Care Instructions

EcoJarz Reusable Smoothie Cup: Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for hot drinks.

SeaBottle: Give the bottle a good wash before first use. The glass bottle is dishwasher safe but the lid is handwash only (do not soak lid). Can handle both hot and cold drinks.

Seastraws Glass Straws: Suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Dishwasher safe.

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