Reusable straws Australia.
Reusable straw amber glass from Seastraws.
Reusable straw blue glass from Seastraws.
Reusable straw clear glass from Seastraws.
Reusable straw green glass from Seastraws.
Reusable straw pink glass from Seastraws.
Reusable cocktail straw Seastraws.
Reusable bubble tea straw clear.
Reusable smoothie straw pink glass Seastraws.
Straw cotton bag from Seastraws.
Reusable straws case bamboo from Seastraws
Reusable straws pouch from Seastraws
Reusable straws pouch from Seastraws
Reusable straws cleaning brush Seastraws.


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The power is in your hands! Pick and choose from all of our reusable products and design the perfect combo just for you, or someone you care about! (Remember to add your preferred pouch/case and cleaning brush if needed)


Everyday Glass Straw 

Same size as a standard plastic straw and works with pretty much any drink. The only drinks they're not suitable for are thicker smoothies or bubble-teas. Length and width: 200mm x 9mm.

Smoothie Glass Straw 

Best reusable straw for all smoothies. Simple as that! Length and width: 230mm x 12mm.

Bubble Tea Glass Straw

Best reusable straw for bubble teas. Same length as our smoothie straw but is slightly wider to fit the tapioca balls. Length and width: 230mm x 14mm. Note: The bubble tea straw does NOT fit in our Bamboo Travel Case.

Cocktail Glass Straw 

Best reusable straw for cocktails, iced coffees, or other thinner drinks served in a short glass. Our cocktail size straws are also our most popular straw for children. Length and width: 150mm x 9mm.


Single & Multi Straw Pouch

Our cotton and linen straw pouches are a great way to store, gift, or bring your glass straws 'on-the-go'. Cotton single straw pouch fits one reusable straw while the linen multi-straw pouch has three pockets for multiple reusable straws. Reduce the size of the multi-straw pouch by wrapping it up using the attached strap. 

Bamboo Travel Case

Our reusable straw case made from bamboo is the best way to keep the glass straws safe during travels. The straw case come in two different sizes; Everyday and Smoothie Size.

Straw Cleaning Brush 

Using our straw cleaner is the easiest way to clean your reusable straw and get rid of any leftover residue. 

If the straw gets chipped or broken pop it in the recycle bin immediately. Young children are to be supervised at all times.

5% of our profit goes to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy to help preserve our beautiful reef.

Shop safely with our 5-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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