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The Ultimate Straw Combo




Care about yourself, your friends, family, and the ocean. This is the perfect gift to them all! Eco-friendly, reusable, and healthy living all at once.

The ultimate straw combo includes a wide mix of our straws to a reduced price. You'll have a glass straw in several different colours and for every occasion...breakfast juice, lunch smoothie, and evening drink. 

The combo includes two carry-on pouches. One that has three pockets to fit all of your straws, so you can bring them everywhere you go. And, one single straw pouch for when you only want to bring one or two of your straws.

Reduce the size of the larger pouch by wrapping it up using the attached strap. You don't need to unloose the strap to get a hold of your straws, as there's an opening at the top for easier access.

The ultimate straw combo comes in a handy brown box, making it the perfect gift for someone you care about.

Product Details:
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Colour: Clear, Blue, Green, Pink, Amber (if for some reason one colour is not available, we'll inform you so you can pick another one)
Length: Approx. 15 cm, 20cm and 23cm
Diameter: Approx. 9mm and 12mm
Thickness: Approx. 2mm


Material Pouch: 100% linen
Colour: White
Length: Approx. 25cm* 
Width: Approx. 9cm* (when unwrapped) & 3cm
Cold handwash only.


*Dimensions may vary as all of our pouches are handmade.

Our straws are made out of sturdy glass which means when handled with care they could last for a lifetime!

Package Includes: 
1 x Ocean Blue Signature Straw
1 x Earthy Green Everyday Straw
1 x Lush Pink Everyday Straw
1 x Vintage Amber Everyday Straw
1 x Smoothie Straw
1 x Cocktail Straw
1 x Triple Straw Pouch
1 x Single Straw Pouch
2 x Cleaning Brushes


Not recommended for young children (children are to be supervised by an adult at all times while using our straws). Do Not keep using the straw if it's chipped or broken! 

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