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mason jar sleeve mountain animals seastraws
mason jar sleeve tribal animals seastraws
mason jar sleeve cactus fabric seastraws
mason jar sleeve pineapple pattern seastraws




You have your reusable smoothie/bubble tea cup or standard mason jar sorted but you want to make it more fun, more personal. We get it! We felt the same way so we decided to make a sleeve to go with the cup.

The sleeves are handmade here on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, from cotton drill fabric. The sleeve is reversable so if you get sick of one fabric, simply change it to the other one.

The sleeve fit the 600ml Mason jar perfectly!

25% OFF the sleeve when you add any of the following products: SMOOTHIE CUPBUBBLE TEA SET, or SMOOTHIE SET. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.

mason jar sleeve mountain animals seastraws



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the glass straws break easily?

    Seastraws are made out of a material called Borosilicate glass (similar to Pyrex style glass) which is a sturdy glass. We also make our glass straws slightly thicker than most other glass straws to make them more durable. However, it is still a glass product which means they are breakable so you'll need to look after them.

  • Are the glass straws and cups dishwasher safe?

    Yes, they both are! Simply place our reusable glass straws in the dishwasher's cutlery holder.

  • Is it safe for my 3-year-old child to use a glass straw?

    We normally say that if you trust your child with a normal drinking glass they're fine using a reusable glass straw. However, we always recommend supervising young children when using our glass straws, considering it is a glass product.