Coloured glass straws.
Best reusable straws from Seastraws Australia
Reusable straw green glass from Seastraws
Best bubble tea reusable glass straw from Seastraws Australia
Straw cleaning brush.


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Save money with our COLOUR SPLASH Combo! This is the perfect gift to yourself, your friends and the planet.

**Note** We have sold out of the blue smoothie glass straw. We’ve temporary replaced this straw with a CLEAR smoothie glass straw instead.

Our Colour Splash Combo includes five of our coloured single seastraw set at a reduced price. This means that you can keep one (or more😉) for yourself and gift the rest to family or friends.

What's included:

2 x Everyday glass straws. Colours: Green and Amber. Length 20cm.

2 x Smoothie glass straws. Colours: Pink and Blue(blue is currently replaced by our clear smoothie glass straw). Length 23cm.

1 x Bubble Tea glass straw. Colour: Purple. Length 23cm.

5 x Single cotton pouches.

5 x Straw cleaning brushes.


If the straw gets chipped or broken pop it in the recycle bin immediately. Young children are to be supervised at all times.

5% of our profit goes to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy to help preserve our beautiful reef.

Shop safely with our 5-Day Money Back Guarantee.