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'The Cocktail Lover'

Best reusable glass straw for cocktails, iced coffees, or other thinner drinks served in a short glass.

Our cocktail size straws are also our most popular straw for children and it comes with a carry-on pouch and cleaner. 



'The Smoothie Drinker'

Kick-start your Zero Waste life with our reusable smoothie glass cup and glass straw Set!

Our smoothie set includes a glass straw of your choice, straw cover, cleaning brush, plus a reusable smoothie cup.

The smoothie cup is leak-proof so you can bring a smoothie or juice in your bag whenever you're on the go. Perfect to bring to work or uni when you've snoozed too long.😉

From $36.95


'On a Budget'

Save money with our COLOUR SPLASH Combo! This is the perfect gift to yourself, your friends and the planet.

Our Colour Splash Combo includes five of our coloured single seastraw set at a reduced price. This means that you can keep one (or more😉) for yourself and gift the rest to family or friends.

$42.95 (Save $10.80)