Cleaning your reusable glass straw is very easy and here are three ways to do it.

1. Rinse your glass straw.

Rinse your reusable straw under the tap. For stubborn leftovers simply use the cleaning brush.

2. Place your straw in the dishwasher.

Place your glass straw in the dishwasher with the cutlery. For stubborn leftovers simply use the cleaning brush.

Note: We've noticed that the Seastraws logo on the straw may wear off over time in the dishwasher. If you want to make sure the logo stays on forever, we recommend cleaning the straw using option 1 or 3.

3. Sip water through the straw.

If you're out and about simply sip some water from a cup to clean your glass straw. Once you're back home give the straw a proper clean with the cleaning brush.

We recommend rinsing your glass straw straight after use to easier get rid of the residue while it's fresh. 

how to clean a reusable straw