General Enquiries

If your question is not covered in our frequently asked questions below, simply contact us here: GET IN TOUCH

Seastraws are made out of a material called Borosilicate glass (similar to Pyrex style glass) which is a sturdy glass. We also decided to make our glass straws slightly thicker than most other glass straws to make them more durable. However, it is still a glass product which means they are breakable so you'll need to look after them.

We normally say that if you trust your child with a normal drinking glass they're fine using a reusable glass straw. However, we always recommend supervising young children when using our glass straws, considering it is a glass product.

Yes! Simply place our reusable glass straws in the dishwasher's cutlery holder. Over time, the Seastraws logo may come off using the dishwasher if the dishwasher uses very hot water.

Shipping and Returns

Unfortunately not, we currently only use Australia Post for all of our orders as we find them the most reliable service to trust with our products.

Depends on where you live and if you chose Standard or Express shipping. Normally, your order will arrive within 3-10 business days. All orders are shipped from the Sunshine Coast, QLD, so if you live in rural areas, WA, or NT and choose standard shipping, your order could take as long as up to 15 business days from the day of shipment. 

In the unfortunate event your straws would break while traveling to you, please email us directly at and we'll provide you with more information.