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"Glass?! Does that mean they'll break easily?"
Seastraws are made out of a material called Borosilicate glass (similar to Pyrex style glass) which is a sturdy glass. We also decided to make seastraws slightly thicker than most other glass straws to make them more durable. However, it is still a glass product which means they are breakable so you'll need to look after them.
"Is it safe for my 3-year-old child to use the straw?"
We normally say that if you trust your child with a normal drinking glass they're fine using seastraws. However, we always recommend supervising young children when using our straws, considering it is a glass product.
"Are your glass straws dishwasher safe?"

Yes! Simply chuck them in the cutlery holder.


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us at 🌿