We're a Sunshine Coast (a surfy town on the east coast of Australia) couple with a big love for the ocean. During a surf trip to Sumbawa in 2017, we got fed up by all the single-use plastics in the ocean and on the roads that we decided we wanted to make a change.

Plastic straws were everywhere so we knew straight away that we wanted to focus on a reusable straw alternative. However, neither of us enjoyed the feeling of the reusable metal or bamboo straws. It wasn't until we tried glass straws that we found home and we haven't looked back since. 

Our goal with Seastraws is to help Australian individuals and businesses reduce their use of single-use plastic by offering superior alternatives.

We hope you'll love our glass straws as much as we do! 

/Mimmi & Adam


Did you know that around 8 million tones of plastic enter the ocean each year? Or,  that over 90% of all seabirds have plastic pieces in their stomachs? Crazy enough, plastic waste is responsible for the death of over 100,000 sea mammals and a million seabirds each year.

The levels of plastic ocean pollution is set to triple by 2025 to a staggering 16 trillion tonnes. You've probably heard it before but if we don't make a change now, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than there is fish.

So, what can we do? If all of us in Australia swap to reusable straws, 10 million less plastic straws will be used daily. This will significantly reduce the amount of plastic entering the ocean helping to save the wildlife and the planet.

It's that simple! 


For us, healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle has given us a happier life. Since starting seastraws we begin the morning with a delicous and nutritious smoothie, making us feel more energetic and productive than ever before. Head over to our TikTok page for heaps of healthy and delicious smoothie recipes.

Sipping the drink through a seastraw will also help prevent stained teeth and cavity. So, to keep a healthy and white smile sipping is the way to go.