"Will seastraws be back at the markets?!"

seastraws market update

Every week we get asked what markets we'll be at. Unfortunately, we'll have to take a break from the market for a few weeks. This is why...

single straw pouch sold out

Since launching seastraws only 2 months ago the positive feedback and support have been overwhelming. We can't thank you enough!

The interest in seastraws turned out to be way bigger than we first expected and due to this, we've now run out of our single straw pouches (and running very low on certain colours/sizes straws).


New Business Struggles

As this is our first business, we're learning the ins and outs as we go. We want to be able to offer seastraws to you while we're working on getting new stock. To be able to do so we'll have to cut out one of our sale sources (only in the meantime)...the markets.

**NOTE** You're still able to buy our single straw sets through our retailers (click the photos to go to their sites). And, you can also order our combos directly through our website. 
the booking box seastraws stockist

Living in Mooloolaba? The Booking Box got it all...great coffee, unforgetable tours, and seastraws!

raw energy Noosaville seastraws stockist

Noosa peeps, find your way to Raw Enerergy Noosaville for some unbelievably tasty smoothies sipped through your seastraws!

smooth beauty bar seastraws stockist in Bli Bli

Genna from Smooth Beauty Bar got your seastraws need covered in Bli Bli!

652 espresso seastraws stockist Pacific Paradise

You can find seastraws at your local Pacific Paradise favourite, 6ix FiveTwo Espresso!

BFresh seastraws stockists katana

...or at our local favourite BFresh! 

eaniebeanie espresso seastraws stockist forest glen

The most adorable cafe west of the highway is called Eanie Beanie Espresso. And guess what? You can get your seastraws there too!

sunshine sunshine espresso seastraws stockist currimundi

Sunshine Sunshine Espresso got all you Caloundra legends covered!

kiah organics seastraws stockist Brisbane

Last, but definitely not least, Kiah Organics stock some of the most amazing eco-friendly and sustainable products on the market...including seastraws!


As soon as we're ready for the markets again we'll let you know through our mailing list, Facebook and Instagram (make sure to subscribe/follow us for awesome seastraws updates).

This blog post turned out to be way more personal than first planned, but I thought I might as well throw it all out there to prevent any confusion. 




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