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by Mimmi Sandstrom |

Our two-week long competition with Sacked Store & SKINNED has come to an end and we have one lucky winner...Rebecca from Melbourne, Victoria! 

As there was only one winner in this competition, we would like to say THANK YOU to all you other legends signing up for the competition by offering FREE SHIPPING* on all of our Straw Combos until this Sunday 23rd September
*Australia wide only

Use discount code SSSCOMP at our check-out to enjoy this amazing offer before it's gone!

Click HERE to view all of our Straw Combos

eco friendly Christmas gifts seastraws

Photo from Pexels

This week's "AHAaaa"-moment

Remember, time seems to go faster and faster each year which means Christmas is right around the corner. This year, be prepared with a few boxes of seastraws as it's one of the greatest gifts when not knowing what to give!

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