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by Mimmi Sandstrom •

reusable smoothie jars


Kick-start your zero waste life with our new reusable smoothie set! The perfect complement to our eco-friendly glass straws.🌿 Since launching seastraws we've been asked many times if we're going to sell other products besides straws. Let's be real here, our main focus will always be our glass straws. However, we always said that if we were to come across a product that would complement our straws we'd be open for it. And, so we did!  We're now selling reusable and leak-proof smoothie jars from EcoJarz. This is a product we've been looking for ourselves and when we came across EcoJarz there was no doubt about it, we had to have them! Making a smoothie at home and bringing it in the bag to work is now longer an issue with our EcoJarz. Leak-proof and simply the perfect smoothie size, we just can't recommend them enough.   Reusable coffee cups left, right and centre, it's now time to ditch the single-use smoothie cups too. You can either buy the smoothie jar on it's own or as a set together with our reusable straws. Get yours today ⬇️ CHECK OUT OUR REUSABLE SMOOTHIE JARS