Sustainable Travel Tips For Eco-Friendly Adventures

sustainable travels

COVID-19 restrictions are easing and we can finally start dreaming and planning travels again. If you are planning a getaway, there is nothing worse than thinking that you will be doing harm to our precious planet. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps we can take to make sure our adventures are as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. These sustainable travel tips will help you reduce your impact:

Travel Less, Travel Better

Less is often more when it comes to sustainable travel. Think about choosing locations that are closer to home. Sometimes we can have the best adventures practically in our own backyards. You might be amazed by how many great things to see and do there are close to home.

But even when we are going further away, it is possible to travel in a less damaging way. If you are travelling in Australia, consider travelling by road rather than air. Take a train, or hire an eco-friendly electric vehicle if there will be charging points along your route. Better yet, consider a slow travel adventure. Hike, bike, kayak or canoe, sail, or enjoy another slow travel adventure.

If you are flying, offset your trip using a certified and appropriate carbon offset scheme.

Get Off The Beaten Track

sustainable travel tips

Another way to reduce your negative impact is to choose destinations that are not tourist hotspots. Avoid the crowds and choose less well-known destinations, so you do not contribute to an unsustainable tourist industry. Whenever you can, think about leaving roads behind and heading off into the wild to explore amazing natural locations.

Pack Sustainable Zero Waste Items For Your Trip & Eat & Drink Well

Wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to do, be sure to pack zero waste items that will allow you to reduce your waste as much as possible. Make sure that you do everything you can to make sure you don't contribute to the plastic waste problem, or create other forms of waste. 

Packing these zero waste items can help you to reduce waste while eating and drinking out and about. When choosing food on your sustainable travel adventure, don't just think about packaging, think about the food itself too. Try to always choose to buy fresh, local, organic and seasonal items whenever you can.

Choose Sustainable Accommodation

Of course, where you stay while you are away is also very important. Choose sustainable accommodation which:

  • Uses renewable energy and reduces energy use as much as possible.
  • Uses water wisely and well.
  • Was built and furnished with natural and eco-friendly materials.
  • Has and maintains minimal impact on its natural environment.
  • Gives back to the local nature and the local community.

These are just a few tips to help you travel sustainably. Travel can allow us to see and love our wonderful world, and the more we see of it, the more we want to protect it. Be kind to people and planet and consider the above when planning your own eco-friendly adventure.

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