Stay at home ideas during COVID-19: Grow your own smoothie fruit and veggies

Stay at home ideas during COVID-19: Grow your own smoothie fruit and veggies

Seastraws' sustainable, reusable smoothie cups make it easier for you to enjoy a sustainable smoothie 'on-the-go' when we're all allowed to do so again. But those of you who still want to do more for the environment may be interested to learn that it is surprisingly easy to grow the ingredients for your sustainable smoothies at home. 

Growing at least some of your own food is one of the best things you can do for our planet. Even if you do not have your own garden, and even if you have no outside space at all, you can still grow a surprising amount of fresh produce. 

Why Grow Your Own Sustainable Smoothie Ingredients?

Growing your own fruit and veggies means that you know exactly where they have come from. You can grow them organically, so you know for a fact that they are free from harmful and polluting chemicals.

It is, fortunately, becoming easier to find high-quality, organic, local and seasonal produce out and about. But growing ingredients for yourself can cut the food miles down to zero. It can allow you to cut your carbon footprint and do your bit for the country's food security. If you grow heritage or heirloom varieties – you can also help with crop diversity, which is important for the future of food production.

Another great thing about growing food at home is that you can cut the amount of food and drink you buy that comes in plastic packaging. Like using Seastraws products, this is another great way to move closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Apart from all this, growing your own food is a lot of fun too! It is surprisingly easy and even when not everything goes according to plan, it can be very satisfying and fulfilling.

So why not pick up some seeds and give it a go?

What To Grow For Your Sustainable Smoothies

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There are plenty of different ingredients that you could consider growing if you have a garden or some outside space. But even if you only have a sunny windowsill or some more space in a bright and sunny room, there are still plenty of great options to consider.

For example, you could grow fruits, such as strawberries, tomatoes and peppers in smaller pots. And in larger containers, even indoors, you could also consider growing a wide range of other soft fruits, such as blueberries, currants, and even dwarf fruit trees.

Leafy greens are also easy to grow. Try lettuces, spinach, chard, brassicas like kale or cabbage, pea shoots and plenty more. Adding some leafy greens to your smoothies is a great way to cram in those nutrients and make sure you get enough variety in your diet.

In containers and window boxes, you could also grow a wide range of other vegetables, from carrots to radishes to courgettes. The bigger the containers you can fit in, the wider the range of crops that you will be able to grow.

Even if you only have a tiny amount of space, you can still grow some fresh herbs to pop into your sustainable smoothies for flavour and a range of health benefits.

These are just a few ideas. Why not give it a go and see what you can grow in your home?

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