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seastraws | Sacked Store | SKINNED

by Mimmi Sandstrom |

As you might already know, we love all things eco-friendly and sustainable. What we love equally, if not more, are people who walk the extra mile to make a change. We all have ideas but to turn those ideas into reality is, in many cases, rare and requires a lot of courage.


Sacked Store

We reached out to Sacked Store, a local Sunshine Coast business driven by a very dedicated and impressive woman named Sofie. Sofie's not only running one BUT TWO businesses, as well as being an awesome mum to her young son Jaxon.

Sofie and I decided to meet up for a coffee and guess what? It turned out she digs seastraws as much as we dig Sacked Store! So we thought "Why not run a competition where the winner receives goodies from both of us?" Said and done, it's happening!

If you haven't heard about Sacked Store before, here's some info about them:

reusable organic cotton produce bags from sacked store

Eco-friendly & 100% Organic

Sacked Store provide top quality 100% organic reusable bags for your everyday needs. They help people make a mindful decision with their purchasing and make a small, simple yet smart change in their lifestyle. Remember, small changes can lead to big differences!

The Sacked range is versatile, eco-friendly and economic because they believe there should never be a compromise between those factors. What’s even better is that they look good!

Sofie started Sacked Store from a frustration at the lack of options in the current market with most being so ridiculously expensive and the overuse of plastic at our shopping centres.

"The timing could not have been any better"..."Sacked store launched quickly thereafter providing us with a good-looking, eco-friendly and affordable solution for our everyday shop"

reusable eco-friendly shopping bag sacked store

The timing could not have been any better with Queensland launching the plastic-bag ban in July this year. Sacked Store launched quickly thereafter providing us with a good-looking, eco-friendly and affordable solution for our everyday shop.


Partnering up with the ethical beauty product brand SKINNED

To make this competition even better we've also partnered up with the ethical beauty product brand, SKINNED

ethical eco-friendly beauty and skin care products from skinned.

SKINNED uses only the finest ingredients to create natural products with an emphasis on plant-based and organic.

All of their products are handmade with love by their resident beauty therapist with formulations designed to nourish and benefit your skin.

SKINNED is a local Sunshine Coast business that strives to support other local businesses in the purchasing of materials and packaging. All SKINNED products are made a small batch and locally in-house.


Vegan & Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

The company prides itself on the fact their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free with no nasty's!

The whole idea behind the brand was developed due to a lack of truly natural products in the marketplace. There were companies popping up left, right, and centre offering natural products, although a closer look showed these products were anything but!

skinned store body oil

Behind SKINNED is a resident beauty therapist who designs and formulates their products and a business savvy girl with a passion for taking big leaps, together they have launched SKINNED and created a very successful fast growing business to be proud of!

To enter the competition and win amazing eco-friendly products from us, Sacked Store and SKINNED simply check out our competition page for more info! 


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