Unusual ways to use reusable straws for a Zero Waste lifestyle

Reusable straws ideas for a zero waste lifestyle

Using our glass straws for drinking when out and about is a great step in reducing plastic waste. But, did you know that there are other ways to use reusable straws? Here are some of the more unusual ways to use our glass straws for a zero-waste lifestyle:

Use glass straws to easily plant seeds 

Plant seeds with the help of a reusable straw.

Growing at least some of your own food is a great way to move closer to a zero-waste lifestyle. If you are making forays into growing your own or just planting some seeds for wildlife, a clear glass straw could be a handy seed receptacle. You could put your finger over one end, and feed seeds into it from the top. Then just move your finger aside when you want a seed to drop out. Just make sure the straw is completely dry before you try this.

Use glass straws to make a siphon to water plants more easily

You can also use two glass straws and a length of rubber tubing that fits on the end of the straws to make a DIY siphon that can 'magically' transfer liquid from one container to another. Suck on one end of the siphon to begin the transfer and the water will flow upwards and then down to where you want it. This could make it easier to water your plants. A siphon like this could also be handy for a range of other eco-friendly projects – such as making your own beer or wines, for example.

Use a glass straw to vacuum pack leftovers in silicone freezer bags

Saving leftovers and avoiding food waste is another important part of a zero-waste lifestyle. You can use a glass straw to suck the air from an eco-friendly freezer bag or reusable silicone ziplock and make your own DIY vacuum packs. This can be a great way to keep food fresher for longer. It can help you avoid wasting any food, and cut down the amount of food you have to buy.

Use glass straws to support floppy wildflowers in floral displays

Things to do with a glass straw.

Many of us like to display fresh flowers in our homes. But, the fresh flowers that come from florists are not always the most sustainable choice. Often, these flowers come wrapped in plastic and may have been flown from miles away to reach us. Sustainably pick your own wildflowers or seasonal garden flowers instead. If the stems get floppy, placing each stem in a glass straw can be a great way to improve the look of your floral displays.

Use glass straws to create your own blow paint artworks

blow paint with help of a reusable straw.

This is something you may have tried in school. By blowing through a straw, you can cause a water-based paint to flow and create some cool patterns on your paper, or whatever else you are trying to decorate. Blowing an eco-friendly paint around the surface of an old piece of furniture could be a cool new upcycling trick to try. You can use this technique to create a range of different effects.


Try at least one of these ideas at home. We promise you that they're heaps of fun, especially the blow paint artworks!;)


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