Plant-Based Recipes & Tips For a Sustainable Picnic

Plant-Based Recipes & Tips For a Sustainable Picnic

Seastraws eco-friendly products make it easier to enjoy food and drinks sustainably when out and about. They should really come in handy if you are planning a picnic in your favourite spot this summer. 

But as climate change continues to bite, so what else can we do to enjoy a sustainable picnic? 

These plant-based recipes and tips for a sustainable picnic should make it easier for you to go greener when enjoying food with friends or family outdoors.


Plant-Based Recipes To Help You Embrace Vegan Cuisine

Choosing to eat less meat, or even giving up meat altogether is a great way to go greener. 

Cutting some meat and dairy from your diet, even if you are not ready for a fully vegan diet, is a good way to cut your carbon footprint. 

Here are some ideas to help you embrace vegan cuisine on your next picnic:


reusable smoothie cup bubble tea cup glass straw from seastraws

Smoothies or Juices 

Our reusable glass straws, cups, and bottles make it easier than ever to reduce your plastic waste. And, stay healthy at the same time!

It is super easy to make your own smoothies or juices. Simply blend your favourite fruits and vegetables, pop them into our reusable smoothie cup or Seabottle and away you go!


vegan sandwich avocado filling picnic ideas

Vegan Sandwich Fillings 

Sandwiches are a common picnic food but many people are stuck for ideas when it comes to vegan sandwich fillings

Of course, you could simply have a salad sandwich. But, you could also consider other more interesting plant-based recipes. 

For example, you could make a vegetable spread, a chickpea or bean hummus, or an exciting combination of veggies. 


simple quick vegan noodle salad

Simple Salads

Salads themselves do not have to be boring. There is a huge range of different plant-based ingredients that you can include in a salad and literally thousands of ways to combine them. 

Get your flavour combinations right and even the most dedicated carnivore will not miss the meat. 


Vegan burger and chips

Vegan Recipes for Die-Hard Meat-Eaters

If you are faced with some reluctance to your plant-based recipes, consider making vegan alternatives to some common meaty favourites. 

You can make a vegan quiche, vegan Scotch eggs, or even some veggie burgers, vegan sausages, vegan bacon or vegan ribs for a vegan barbecue. 

There are meat-free alternatives for almost any favourite, and it is well worthwhile giving them a go. 


reusable picnic essentials

Pack Your Picnic the Sustainable Way

Of course, liquid refreshments are easier to pack to enjoy with Seastraws products. But, you should also give a thought to how you pack the rest of the food and other items for a sustainable picnic. 

Try to avoid all plastic packaging wherever you can. Opt for packaging made from natural materials instead. And, of course, take everything away with you at the end of the day. 


travel sustainable by biking

Travel Sustainably To Your Picnic Spot

Finally, think about how you get to your picnic spot in the first place. 

Try to leave the car behind and think about more eco-friendly ways to travel. Hike or bike to your picnic spot, or head out for another slow travel adventure – in a kayak, for example, or even on a sailing yacht. 

There are plenty of ways to get out into the great outdoors without contributing to global warming. 

Enjoy a sustainable picnic, and help to ensure we can all enjoy nature's beauty and eat outdoors for many years to come. 

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