"Glass drinking straws over stainless steel and bamboo, any day!"

Decided to ditch the single-use plastic straw for a more sustainable and awesome option? Good on ya! The question to ask now is "What kind of reusable and eco-friendly straw to go for?", as there are a few great ones out there.

The most common reusable alternatives to the single-use plastic straw here in Australia at the moment are the stainless steel and bamboo straws. I tried them both before discovering glass straws so I thought "Why not share my personal experience and why we started seastraws in the first place?!". 

Bamboo Straws

bamboo straws in Sri Lanka

At first, I tried bamboo straws during a surf trip to Sri Lanka, only to realise they tend to go soggy if you keep them in the drink for too long. After some research, I also discovered that bamboo (as with any other wooden material) easily collect bacteria and therefore only have a limited lifespan.

That's where the love story between myself and the bamboo straw ended.

Stainless Steel Straws

reusable stainless steel straws Australia

Next up was the stainless steel straw. I loved the thought of the stainless steel straw lasting me a lifetime. However, the feeling of sipping on metal never grew on me and my drinks tended to taste a bit "metaly" when using the straw.

Something else that bothered me was that I couldn't make sure the straw was clean as I couldn't see through it. I wasn't satisfied and decided to continue my search for the perfect reusable straw.

Glass Straws

glass straws Australia eco-friendly and reusable seastraws

As I was thinking "It has to be a better alternative!" I turned to my friend google (as you do) and that's when I discovered the glass straw. Not as cheap as the stainless steel or the bamboo straws but me and Adam decided to order some online anyway.

Thank jez we did, I loved it! The feeling of sipping on glass felt super natural and I could easily see if the straw was clean or not as it was see-through.  

I did, however, feel a bit frustrated about the price point. Instead of feeding the frustration me and my partner Adam started discussing the possibility to start selling glass straws in Australia at a more reasonable price for the people who had a similar opinion as us. And, the idea behind seastraws was born!

Fast forward 8 months and in June 2018 the dream about seastraws became reality. You can now purchase seastraws both online, through local retailers and cafes, and also at local markets. And we're consistenly growing from week to week, helping save our ocean, reef and wildlife one glass straw at a time!

Reusable Straw Conclusion

stainless steel straws vs glass straws. Which one is best?

The opinions above are only my own personal ones, and you'll probably never know what reusable straw alternative you prefer until you try them yourself.

Our hope is that Seastraws, along with all the other reusable straw alternatives, can help improve our environment and the way we all live our lives for a more sustainable future.

We want to keep on surfing clean beaches next to the turtles, so whatever you do, just skip the single-use plastic straw!


  • seastraws

    Hi Tamara, they’re made out of one of the worlds strongest glass material; borosilicate glass. If you look after it you’ll have it for a very long time. However, we don’t recommend throwing it on the concrete to test it, as it is still a glass product. I’ve had my straw for over a year now without any breakage and I bring it in my bag everywhere I go. I hope this info helped./Mimmi

  • Bec

    Great info! Been thinking about this many times and this post helped a lot. Thanks!

  • Josefine

    I completely agree. The metal straws are to rough and sharp, glass straws all the way for me too!!

  • Tamara

    Like the idea, but how easily do they break?

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