Glass Straws? What's the hype about?!

Iced coffee straw

If you've never tried glass straws before it's impossible to understand the hype. The whole idea about glass straws is that they feel way nicer on your teeth and lips when sipping, they're non-toxic and BPA-free, plus they're SUPER EASY TO CLEAN!

Glass Straws Provide a Luxurious Sipping Experience

All of the above things combined provide a luxurious sipping experience that can only be explained by experiencing it for yourself. Take our word for it, it wasn't until we moved on from bamboo and metal straws to glass that we understood the hype.

Not many Australian's knew about glass straws when we first launched Seastraws back in 2018. The reason we knew about glass straws was that Mimmi used to live in the US where glass straws became popular a few years prior.

Glass Straws Becoming Popular in Australia

Recently, many other companies in Australia have jumped onboard the glass straw trend and we can't blame them. Who wouldn't want to offer the most superior sipping experience possible?

Seastraws is still a small Sunshine Coast family-run business with our hearts set on creating clean oceans and help preserve the Great Barrier Reef. We do this by offering our customers the best reusable straw alternative out there so you won't want to use a plastic straw ever again.

What's Making Seastraws Stand Out

Dragonfruit drink with reusable straw

We pride ourselves on our high-quality glass straws with a thicker glass wall to make them the strongest ones on the Australian market.

There's a Seastraw for every drink, such as shorter cocktail straws, thicker smoothie & bubble tea straws, and our standard everyday straws which works for pretty much any drink. Did you know that you can choose between many gorgeous colours, too?!

You can easily bring your glass straw in your bag using our bamboo straw case or straw cotton pouch to keep it safe. What else can we say, the hype is real for a reason. Get your Seastraws today!

Glass straw with straw case

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