Will a glass straw break if I carry it in my bag?

does glass straws break easily?

Can glass straws break? Are glass straws safe? How strong are glass straws? Can I carry a glass straw in my bag? As we get asked these questions over and over we thought a good way to answer is through a blog post for everyone to read, before even having to ask. So, here it is! 

Developing our glass straws

We didn't want our glass straws to be too thin as this could cause breakage more easily. However, after much sipping we realised that a glass straw too thick made the drink harder to sip.
Hundreds of sips later we finally came up with (what we believe to be) the perfect width...2mm! It's thin enough to provide an awesome drinking experience, yet thick enough not to break easily.

Enough talking...Are glass straws safe and can I carry the glass straw in my bag or not?!

Yes and yes!

Don't worry, our glass straws are not going to break in your mouth but it is a glass products so please handle them as such.

Can you carry our glass straws in your bag? You sure can...and you should! Seastraws are made to be carried everywhere you go so you won't need to sip through a single-use plastic straw ever again. To make it easy for you to carry the straw in your bag you can choose between our carry-on Cotton Pouch or our travel safe Bamboo Case .


Check out our full collection of straws to find which ones suit you the best. If you can't decide, simply go for our best value Colour Splash as it includes five of our glass straws in different colours and sizes. The perfect gift for yourself, your friends, and our planet!

5% of our profit goes to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy to help preserve the reef. Sipping the way to change has never been easier!





  • Jade

    I carry my seastraws around constantly. I have 4 which is awesome to leave one always at work, one in my glovebox, and one or two at home or in my handbag! I also dropped one on a concrete floor the other day and it didn’t break at all- no chipping, nothing! Stoked with the sturdiness of these bad boys!

  • Josie

    When I first heard about glass straws I was wondering how sturdy they were as I’ve only been using the metal ones. Glad to hear they’re sturdy enough to carry around. Will definitely get a glass straw now!

  • Sarah

    Love this!

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