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NEW COMBO - "YOU CHOOSE"! The power is in your hands.

by Mimmi Sandstrom |

You asked and we listened! You're now able to pick and choose from all of our products and design the perfect combo just for you, or someone you care about. More info about our products follows below.  Everyday Straw: The everyday straw is our most versatile straw and works with pretty much any drink! The only drinks they're not suitable...

Reduced Shipping

by Mimmi Sandstrom |

Australia Post has once again decided to up their prices. Since only dead fish follow the stream we have decided to instead reduce the shipping on our website.You can now shop and enjoy cheaper shipping on all of our domestic products. And, if you spend over $50 shipping is FREE on all Australian orders. Happy start of October to all...

What is borosilicate glass?

by Adam Landers |

Borosilicate glass. That's what seastraws are made out of. And, now you're thinking "Why would you go with borosilicate glass?". Here's why! If you haven't read our blog post about why we decided to go for glass straws, read our blog post "Glass drinking straws over stainless steel and bamboo, any day!" first. Now, let's move on.   To answer the...


by Mimmi Sandstrom |

Our two-week long competition with Sacked Store & SKINNED has come to an end and we have one lucky winner...Rebecca from Melbourne, Victoria!  As there was only one winner in this competition, we would like to say THANK YOU to all you other legends signing up for the competition by offering FREE SHIPPING* on all of our Straw Combos until...

seastraws | Sacked Store | SKINNED

by Mimmi Sandstrom |

As you might already know, we love all things eco-friendly and sustainable. What we love equally, if not more, are people who walk the extra mile to make a change. We all have ideas but to turn those ideas into reality is, in many cases, rare and requires a lot of courage.   Sacked Store We reached out to Sacked...

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